Dexster 4.7

Edits and mixes locally stored audio files
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Record sounds from your microphone, edit an audio file by adding various effects to them, mix songs and burn your tracks on disks. The tool supports AAC, M4A, MP3, WMA, VOX, FLAC and several other formats.

Dexster is a multimedia creation tool whose main functions are creating and recording audio files, mixing and applying various sound effects to audio files, creating audio CDs, extracting the audio background from videos, merging several audio files into a single one, and many others.

The program offers a user-friendly interface, as it makes it very easy to locate and use its principal features, conveniently projected on the main screen. Although you might find it a little overwhelming at first sight, because of the great multitude of tools and buttons that it displays, you will discover that they are neatly categorized according to their designated functions.

If you wish to record an audio file, the program allows you to do so, either by using external devices, such as a microphone, or other sources. After your file has been recorded, there is a wide and various array of tasks that you can perform in order for the final result to fit your purpose and taste: the application enables you to listen to only segments of the file, you are allowed to edit and adjust its parameters, and you may cut out parts of the recording or insert new samples.

The list of effects that you may use is very generous, and you will be impressed of how simple it is to add them to your audio file. All you have to do is select the one you like from the Toolbar, by clicking on the corresponding icon (Flanger, Vibrato, Delay etc.), then adjust it, so that it sounds as you prefer, and attach it to your entire file, or only to the fragment that you selected. Furthermore, you may use Dexster to share your creation with others, by using its "Audio CD Burning" function, and making audio CDs.

To conclude with, Dexster provides an excellent solution for those who require a complex multimedia creation and editing tool.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • It supports many types of audio formats
  • It fulfills a wide range of tasks related to audio files processing


  • Some of the buttons displayed on the main screen are not clearly indicating their purpose
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